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Buyer Feedback~

As a beginning seller I'm trying to compile my buyers' feedback for future use.

Please state what you purchased and any other comments on shipping/item quality or general feedback.



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with every step i take, the less i know myself

It's so lovely outside. I have a wondrous breeze from this window right by me which feels good since I was quite sweaty in school with my boots on and such.

Yesterday I downloaded a bunch of live HIM stuff with this one video of Ville doing Funeral of Hearts while playing the guitar which was so cute...even though he was just singing like normally but it was all up close and personal and it made me want to sway with a lighter. Only 50 more days!!!! O_O I am so screaming BSB groupie style yo.

So yeah, not much has really been going on. Tomorrow is Unity! Finally my last stupid induction club meeting thing. I had to go to art club annnd the writer's block on today since I am so damn involved. And then of course there's French honour's society which I still don't know what to do for my "service hours" since I sure as hell can't tutor someone. I'd be like "umm...fromage?" for everything.

I should probably go work on my article since I'm not going to have much time to do it this weekend because of the MANOS party and the quality time with Bob.

I'm off to expose the evils of meat production. Farewell cuntstrudles.

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So, last night I was busily working on my newspaper article on factory farming/vegetaranism and I was deeply disturbed yet again. Looking over the gruesome notes I took this morning and I ended up having a very long cry. I'm fucking crazy. I didn't cry when any of my grandparents died, I never cried about September 11th...never cried about Katrina but I wept for a good 15 minutes for cows, pigs, and chickens. o_O Yeah.

Of course that reminded me to remind those of you who are still interested in walking for Farm Sanctuary to print out your forms and send your freakin' money or you will be hung upside-down, with your throat slit while still conscience as you bleed to death and then you will be dropped into a scalding tank where you will be boiled alive. :D I don't want to be there all alone, so help me and help the animals from meeting the same fate and send in your shit!!!!!! I'm pretty sure they need the stuff in by this week.

Here are the links for the zillionth time

form-> http://www.walkforfarmanimals.org/locations/web_format.pdf

location/date-> http://www.walkforfarmanimals.org/locations/buffalo.htm

mail to->

Angela Banaszak

2221 Woodard Road

Elma, NY 14059


Do it, whores.

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I JUST GOT NEUROMANCE IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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feminist, DYKE, whore!

Sooo...school is in 2 days and it kind of sucks because I know the first two months will be like YAY! Everything is wondrous! and then after that it'll just dragggg on forever. And I'm still pissed I didn't go to the beach once with Kaylee all summer...I mean it was like the hottest summer on record and not one day of potao "stix" and dudes with cowboy hats and red cups. Well, too late now.

Because I'm bored and I'm waiting for my dad to finish the stupid laundry so I can do mine and then go over to KT's...here is a Collapse )
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My eyes are like....bleeding right now. I have searched through every single camcorder tape and I cannot find The Real World or Stickly High...though I have seen every single Christmas from 94-00 and every single band concert my sister and I ever had...=_= Why does this always happen?? I need it by tomorrow dammit!

To add to that angerness I didn't win my dreadfalls even though I waited until the very last 8 seconds some ho still outbid me.

I better find that damn tape or I'm going to be so mad...well, madder than I am now. hehe

That was my wondrous ranty entry for you all.
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